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Our logistics + α service utilizes the Mitsui & Co. Group’s integrated strength to provide backup support for customers.

We marshal the Mitsui & Co. Group’s comprehensive capabilities to supply high-value-added services, including customer service in the form of order receipt/placement agency services incidental to logistics, finance leasing for lending on behalf of customers, domestic/international logistics insurance, and real estate development for leasing logistics facilities.


Ruiyuan bd accurately responds to rapidly increasing global logistics needs.

Based primarily on its business locations in 150 cities located in 35 countries around the world, MGL fully utilizes its network of local offices, local Mitsui & Co. offices, and overseas agencies to provide the best possible global SCM solutions to customers and offer support that includes operational outsourcing.


We propose a broad spectrum of logistics service suited to the wishes of customers, no matter what goods they are shipping.

From distribution processing and arrangements for logistics materials to running logistics sites and devising business strategies, as a logistics partner to its customers, we propose high-quality logistics services that meet the needs of customers.


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